Rohingya refugees who have arrived since August 25, 2017 all need emergency shelter and Non Food Items (NFI), especially after the effects of Cyclone Mora.

In terms of NFI, the requirements are limited as they arrive at the refugee camps with only what they can carry.


Sets of kitchen solar panels, mats, pillows, basic clothing and blankets were also seen being carried or carried by every member of the refugee family who entered the border.

The list of basic necessities for them to start life in refugee camps is:

1. Bamboo that has 3 sizes to set up a tent measuring 15x15 feet

2. Tarpulines for walls and roofs lined with small ripped bamboo.
3. Rope to connect each cut bamboo
4. Sacks for ground cover

5. Firewood and dry twigs for cooking fuel

The cost of the above necessities is around RM100-RM200. The relatively high costs are largely unaffordable for most newly arrived refugees, let alone those in dire straits.




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