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MAPIM Call UN To Resolve Plight Of The Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

Press Release MAPIM

25 th August 2018


Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organization ( MAPIM ) call on the UN to resolve the plight of the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

The exodus of the Rohingyas fleeing to Bangladesh since 25th August 2017 after violent suppression of the Myanmar army on the Rohingyas, under the pretext of cracking down on terrorist, has resulted in the sufferings of the Rohingyas with no solution from the world community.

Today is the one year commemoration of the biggest exodus of people from their homeland to seek refuge in a neighboring country. Bangladesh is now hosting more than a million Rohingya refugees from Myanmar as a result of a text book ethnic cleansing by the Myanmar army.

The so call treaty signed between Bangladesh and Myanmar for the repartration of the Rohingyas back to their homeland has being rejected by the refugees for lack of assurance of security from the Myanmar government.

We are also registering our protest against the plan to return the refugees by force unless and untill their safety are secured under the supervision of the UN.

With the bad living conditions of the refugees in the camps in Bangladesh, they are almost no future for them to hope for.

Their total dependence on aid for the last one year will not only be burdening Bangladesh, it will also be an unsustainable situation for aid agencies to continue deploying humanitarian aid to the victims.

We fully support the grieviences ecpressed by the refugees and their demand for a solution to their plight.

The Myanmar government has proven to be arrogant in its position not to submit to the call by the world community to stop the genocide and ethnic cleansing by the Myanmar army and religous extremists against the Rohingyas.

Independent investigation and testimonies recorded and published publicly have shown clear evidences of crime against humanity by the Myanmar army. Rape and mass massacre are reported to have being committed by the Myanmar army and the Buddhist mobs.

We condemn the Myanmar government for the attrocities inflicted on women and children of the Rohingya.

The 25 th August 2017 inhuman crackdown by the Maynmar army is too clear to be ignored. It is an act of war crimes against civilians.

The fate of the refugees in Bangladesh and other parts of the world cannot be left unresolved.

Their conditions in the camps are deteriorating and the world cannot keep silent.

We call :

1. The UNSC to intervene and deploy peace keeping troops to Myanmar to protect the Rohingyas in Myanmar and to enforce a security zone to faciliate the repartration of the refugees in Bangladesh to return to their places of origin in Myanmar.

2. To apply sanction on Myanmar for violation of international law against human rights and to prosecute those who are responsible for committing crimes against humanity.

3. To impose upon Myanmar to compensate all the damages of properties and lives of the civilians of the Rohingyas during the crackdown.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid President MAPIM

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