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Rakhine Teachers' Denial Left 1600 Rohingya Students Out Of Education

Buthidaung: About 1600 Rohingya students from Grade 1 to matriculation candidates were forced to leave schools, as Mogh (Rakhine) teachers deny to teach Rohingya children in public schools in Buthidaung township, according to updates received on 7th April, 2018.

Since earlier Burmese government restricted Rohingya from education and limited within matriculation in their areas. Now educating up to Class 10 has become a challenge for the parents as Mogh (Rakhine) racists teachers deny to teach Rohingya in schools.

Beside no Rohingya teachers were recruited by the educational department as part of their discriminatory policy.

“Since they (Buddhists teachers) continued to teach at the schools it was a ray of hope for our children to learn at least up class 10.

But now they are denying to come to Rohingya villages with excuses of safety concerns.

There baseless accusation cannot be accepted” said a Rohingya villager.

Though the teachers are recruited by the government parents had to pay big amounts of money for the teachers. It was huge amounts compared to others schools but parents paid as they want to educate their children at least in the ongoing limitations.

Guardians have been bearing it since 2012.

In 6 remaining Rohingya village track: Dar Bin Sara, Khin Tha Ma, Nga Yant Chaung, Mee Kyaung Zay, Inn Chaung, Thin Ga Nat in northern Buthidaung, there are more than 1600 students (class 1 to 10) that are going to be deprived of education due to the denying of Mogh (Rakhine). Besides there are no private school as alternatives for the Rohingya students.

Restriction of movement had made it more difficult to seek any other opportunity in other places as well.

So villagers of these areas are extremely worried about their children education along with limitless doubts about their children’s future.

“We are eagerly requesting and reminding all international community, international humanitarian organizations, Human rights advocates, child rights preservation organizations and other NGOs such as UNO to find any fruitful solutions for our ongoing issues and to work for promoting educational backbone of our young children and safeguard our children’s future” requested villagers when asked further.

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