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Restricting Education Forced Rohingya Students Towards Dark Future

Buthidaung: Nearly 700 remaining Rohingya students in village tracks of northern Buthidaung are restricted from getting any sort of education and their future seems to be uncertain, reports locals from the area.

Since the state sponsored genocidal operation mounted on Rohingya in late 2016, little existing basic education system have been totally ceased in Rohingya villages of northern Arakan (Rakhine) state.

Closing down of education was mainly because of the Mogh (Rakhine) teachers, whom denied to travel to Arakan (Rakhine) state and teach the Rohingya students there.

They simply showed fear of rebel groups in the region, where hardly common Rohingya are starving for a daily meal.

Their denial and ongoing discrimination in the few existing schools are pushing the Rohingya students towards an uncertain and dark future.

Beside restrictions on education, increment of gov’t forces and checkpoints in the areas increased the fear of Rohingya day by day.

Mogh (Rakhine) teacher’s denial and discrimination have taken the fearful situation of Rohingya to a worse level now.

Burmese Gov’t genocidal policy from past 70 years have made Rohingya’s literacy rate to a very lower level and is still seen to be continuing in the region.

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