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Myanmar Police Converted Checkpoints Into Harassment Points For Rohingya

Buthidaung: Burmese Police jointly with motor police converted road checkpoints into harassment points in various village tracks of Buthidaung Township, reports sufferers on 8th July 2018.On the newly constructed bridge connecting Buthidaung and Nayaa Gona, known as Paa Zyin Tada, Rohingya are seen to be interrogated and extorted money forcefully.

On the same day a Rohingya adult was forced to pay about 30, 000 Kyat, while crossing the bridge. Similarly many other Rohingya were barred from using the bridge by Police and Motor Police in the area.

Due to interrogations and money extortion at bridge, travelling for Rohingya became a tough challenge and have to battle it every single day.

“We cannot travel easily and even in emergency when we want to use the bridge, we are either harassed, looted or extorted money on false bases” explains an elderly from the area.

Earlier on 7th July, in ward 1 of Buthidaung a Rohingya CNG driver was extorted 20,0000 by Paw Nyin Lay Border Guard Police (BGP) and traffic police.

This is not an unusual scene in Arakan (Rakhine) township, since decades, Rohingya’s restrictions on travelling have made Rohingya helpless and hopeless in their own ancestral land.

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