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Myanmar’s Orchestrated Repatriation Exposed

Myanmar government have staged drama in Rohingya repatriation deal by executing it with a single family with illegal National verification card (NVC) from the border area between Bangladesh and Myanmar, where thousands of Rohingya are lingering without any aid and hope since late 2017.

Rohingya’s in makeshift camps of Bangladesh have rejected this dramatic repatriation deal which was signed on 23rd November 2017. And have demanded a fair repatriation that will ensure their safety and grant them their citizenship rights which was revoked by 1982’s black law in junta period.

The Rohingya family used in this staged drama is government’s sycophant who have been working as an village administrator in Taung Pyuo Ltya village of Maungdaw township.

According to locals in the area most of the houses were torched down except his house. And was seen in most of the staged work of Burmese government.

Following the repatriation deal in November 2017, they have bulldozed hundreds of Rohingya villages with the excuse of building Internally displaced people’s camp (IDP) on Rohingya land.

In regards to that Brad Adams executive director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia said:

“The government’s clearing of dozens of villages only heightens concerns about Rohingya families being able to return home,”

He further added “Deliberately demolishing villages to destroy evidence of grave crimes is obstruction of justice.

Donor governments should ensure they don’t provide any direct or indirect support that would hamper justice or assist those responsible for ethnic cleansing in their efforts to pretend the Rohingya do not have the right to return to their villages in northern Rakhine State".