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BGP Inhumanely Tortured A Rohingya To Death

TaungBazar: Border Guard Police (BGP) inhumanely tortured a Rohingya to death in a village of TaungBazaar, Buthidaung Township on 12th April 2018, according to a local source.

A Border Guard Police (BGP) from the camp of Taungbazar named Aung Ko Ko Oo killed a Rohingya at 06:30 PM in Yim Ma Kyaung Taung village of Yim Ma Kyaung Taung village tract.

On 12th April Ko Ko Oo met him near a shop where he was tortured and beaten to death. Later his body was abandoned to the near by May Yu River.

The victim was identified to be Muhammed Hakim hailing from the same village and was workings as a clerk. His dead body was rescued by locals on 15th April 2018 from the May Yu River.

Since 25th August 2017, most of the houses in his village was burnt and due to which his family was also forced to flee towards Bangladesh in the ongoing exodus.

“After his family had to flee he was still in the village with a hope that someday everything will be fine and his family can return and reunite in their own land. But his this hope have taken his life” explains an elderly from the village

Torturing remaining Rohingya by authorities like BGP and abandoning the body in public is indicating towards worst time for Rohingya in the upcoming days. And locals fear that if this continue, there will hardly any Rohingya left in their land, thus completion of Rohingya Genocide will be completed successfully.

Rights monitors have accused Myanmar troops of atrocities, including killings, mass rape and arson during those operations. The United Nations has said the army may have committed genocide; the United States has called the action ethnic cleansing.

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