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“Rule of Law” Implemented Or Ignored By Suu Kyi?

“Rule of Law” Established or Ignored by Suu Kyi?

Rohingya is the world’s most persecuted indigenous ethnic minority of Burma, Genocidal experts has conformed ongoing genocide systematically through Massacre, restriction of movement, marriage, and religion, revoking of citizenship, land confiscation and displacement, money extortion, torture, sexual abuses and harassments, vandalizing sacred sites, forced labor etc.

After 6 decades of suffering under Military Rule, the first quasi-civilian government of Thein Sein has given them ‘Verification Status’; illegalized their existence and made stateless in their own ancestral land; deprived from recent election vote and candidature; excluded from the general census, and forced to flee at 2012 mass killing, sent them to IDP camps made homeless.

Before Suu Kyi come into power, she used to blame lack of rule of law for what was happening in Arakan (Rakhine) state. She used to say that she has no authority in establishing rule of law.

While the pogrom was ongoing on Rohingya in her presence, she chosen silence lest her vote-bank be jeopardized, letting genocide continue.

Is she now keeping her promises of “Rule of Law”? or as a politician, defending human rights is not her business?

In fact the situation has escalated further towards worsening. Many evidence of extreme situation can be seen in day to day atrocities on common people especially on Ethnic groups, where MaBaTha- An authorized extremists started building Pagodas near Church and Mosque area in Karen and Shan state on 25th and 27thApril 2016.

Another recent example of their extremism was robbing and beating a Muslim shopkeeper in Yangon, where authority kept silent over the brutal incident.

Till today atrocities in Arakan, on Rohingyas became a part of schedule in their daily lives, which are mostly carried out by Border Guard Police (BGP) and military.

Recently a Rohingya woman was hit by military motor circle in kyawktaw. On another incident two fishermen was shot to dead in Maungdaw.

In Buthidaung Rohingyas were taken as forced labour by the Arakan Army in their fight with the Government troops in the name porters.

In Akyab (Sitwe) Police shot to dead A Rohingya man, where another was beaten severely by the security forces.

Laws made by the government further worsened the situation there, where restrictions of movement lead to sink a boat on 19th April 2016 in Akyab where 21 people died including women and children.

Recent fire incident in Baw Du Pha 2 IDP camp in Akyab burnt down 44 long houses making 440 families homeless.

Not only Border Guard Police and military, atrocities are also carried out by Rakhine extremists and Arakan Army’s occupied region. Their recent activities killed two innocent Rohingyas in Kyawktaw and Marauk-U.

On all the described recent atrocities, no action is taken against by the advocate of rule of law!

Aung San Suu Kyi’s political Activity proves her “rule of Law”, where justice is seen to be faded out, she continues to ignore Rohingya issue is not in her 100 days Plan, though entire community has been suffering from decades. Moreover her government has asked the American embassy to refrain from using the word Rohingya following the demand of a recent demonstration by the MaBa Tha in front of the U.S embassy.

She continues to ignore the issue during her first turn, under the pretext that she has some other priorities: like national reconciliation, constitution amendment, etc.

The national reconciliation as a matter of priority, it’s still a question mark whether the Rohingya will be invited to the upcoming ‘Panglong Conference’ or not?

If Continuation of ignorance roots down for more than a decade, there is possibility for this minority to cease to exist!!

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