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One More Rohingya House Jointly Blazed by Military

Once again Burmese Military along with Mogh (Rakhine), Murung and Chakma torched a remaining house in a village of Tongbru sub-township, Maungdaw today (1st March 2018), report locals.

A joint team on Military comprising of Mogh (Rakhine), Murung and Chakma, torched a house of Rohingya named Asadullah S/O Abu Sulaiman in Balukhali village of Moloizaga (MoloiRuwa) in Tongbru sub-township.

Burmese government’s pre-planned operation since late 2017 have blazed almost 90% of the Rohingya houses, where hardly few Rohingya houses exist till today. The house burnt today was one of the surviving house in that village, and few other remaining Rohingya owners are in fear of being homeless like Asadullah.

Military’s genocidal operation, which intensified in late 2017 have torched more than 400 Rohingya villages. And remains of the fire and remaining structures are targeted day by day to wipe out the evidence of Rohingya’s existence in the soil of Aakan (Rakhine).

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