• Azmi Abdul Hamid

No More Rethorics, Act Now


27 February 2018


The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organization ( MAPIM ) welcome the Berlin Call for Rohingyas’ Protected Return to Protected Homeland announced in the

Berlin Conference on Myanmar Genocide held at the Jewish Museum today.

With the participating scholars, activists and concerned citizens , we feel that this is a timely call from the European civil society.

The call is an undeniable voice of concience that should be taken as a serious note by the European community.

However we still observe this call as mere rethorics without concrete action.

The atrocity crimes and genocide against the Rohingya people on a massive scale cannot be left unchecked.

Failing to address this issue in the European foras will reflect badly on the EU which is already showing incapacity to handle the massive influx of refugees from war torn Syria.

Delayed action will escalate the already degrading situation when the Myanmar government threatens the Rohingya who are still inside the country.

Worst , the Myanmar government is requesting the Bangladesh authorities to cut off the flow of essential food supplies to over 6,000 Rohingyas who have fled to No Man’s Land between the two countries’ borders.

While the Bangladesh goverment should be commended for allowing hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees to flow inbound into the already poverty burdened nation , we still feel more could be done.

Though the conference press for accessesibilty to extend humanitarian aid we maintain that the priority now is to stop the carnage .

The continous Rohingya exodus even as the Berlin conference pull down its curtain speaks for itself. Myanmar has not relented to halt the attrocities.

Therefore we call for the European Union to take the lead to initiate concrete actions to stop the massacre.

We endorse the call that a a guarantee for a full protection for the Refugees to return must be a requisite for the return process to commence.

The long standing issue that as long as the protected return of the Rohingya refugees to Myanmar is not ensured , is because the military, the Buddhist Order, the lay public and the civilian political parties including the ruling NLD – have categorically maintained the country’s refusal to recognize the presence, identity and history of the Rohingya in Myanmar and disregard their group right to self-identify.

The world must understand this because the fact that Myanmar has shown its unchanged attitude towards the rights of citizenship of Rohingya , the humanitarian approach will be unending.

The Security Council has become a toothless tiger on the issue of the Rohingya.

With this conference another statement is reiterating and repeated .

We still await for real concrete actions to end the sufferings of the Rohingyas.

Governments like the USA, UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Canada, as well as other national governments such as Turkey and regional associations can execute an effective pressure on Myanmar.

But this bolds down to the political will of the governments to stop tolerating with Myanmar and settle the inhumanity of the regime once and for all.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid

President MAPIM

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