• Azmi Abdul Hamid

No More Rethorics, Act Now


27 February 2018


The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organization ( MAPIM ) welcome the Berlin Call for Rohingyas’ Protected Return to Protected Homeland announced in the

Berlin Conference on Myanmar Genocide held at the Jewish Museum today.

With the participating scholars, activists and concerned citizens , we feel that this is a timely call from the European civil society.

The call is an undeniable voice of concience that should be taken as a serious note by the European community.

However we still observe this call as mere rethorics without concrete action.

The atrocity crimes and genocide against the Rohingya people on a massive scale cannot be left unchecked.

Failing to address this issue in the European foras will reflect badly on the EU which is already showing incapacity to handle the massive influx of refugees from war torn Syria.

Delayed action will escalate the already degrading situation when the Myanmar government threatens the Rohingya who are still inside the country.