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Government Confined Remaining Rohingya From All Human Needs

Maungdaw: Remaining Rohingyas are confined from all human needs starting from food to healthcare in villages of Maungdaw, where government collaboration with Moghs (Rakhine) are intensifying the tortures from all angles, complains villagers from different villages.

In Burashiddafara (Oo Kya Kar) and Nappura (Nga Ku Ra) villages of Maungdaw remaining Rohingyas are facing an extreme life. They are not allowed to earn any forms of daily livelihood and confined within their area and cannot think of traveling anywhere even for emergency need like health care.

Moreover they are forced to buy rations and other items of need at double price from Hindus. The items sold to Rohingyas are Rohingyas goods which Moghs (Rakhine) have looted earlier from markets of Boilbazar and Nappura (Nga Ku Ra) villages of Maungdaw. They sold those items to Hindus, which are sold at double price to the Rohingyas now.

Starvation have accelerated to maximum in these region as hardly any aid agencies can have access to these region and few days back some rations were distributed by ICRC to few Rohingyas in the area and Rohingyas look forward for international support in this ongoing humane made famine.

Beside starvation they are confined from traveling even for medical purposes, which pushed many towards death bed and are expected to die soon. “We worry for the future of our children, before hardly our children could attend primary schools but now remaining generation is pushed towards complete ignorance” says one of the parents worrying over the close down of schools in the region, urging for immediate healthcare and educational facilities from international community.

In both the villages around 3000 people are residing up to date, in Burashiddafara (Oo Kya Kar) 450 families and Nappura (Nga Ku Ra) 300 families are facing this horrific situation. Earlier in last week few Rohingyas in those region were shot by the military while they were fishing in their own water bodies.

Confining the remaining Rohingyas from all forms of human need and halting of little existing livelihoods are forcing them towards greater human mane famine and its taking a shape of biggest shame for the whole humanity, where even living in this era international bodies have failed to take any immediate steps for a crises that is not impossible to cease.

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