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Authorities Inferno Swept on Rohingya Houses

Arakan: Authorities inferno swept on Rohingya houses in Phauktaw and Maungdaw Townships and persisted illegal census on Rohingya in villages of Fhattorkilla (Mambra) Township, reports sources.

At around 10 AM today (7th December 2017), an unknown source of fire swept in Kiniprang Internally displaced People’s camp (IDP) of Phauktaw Township. The fire is blazing extensively to the entire area and is transferring massive to all over the camp as all the houses are attached to one another. Details of the casualties are yet unknown for the ongoing fire.

Earlier a set of Military along with Police entered the area of Sirafara in village of Nappura (Nga Ga Kura) of Northern Maungdaw and blazed 4 Rohingya houses. The incidence happened at late night and owners of the houses are still unidentified, where locals managed to extinguish the fire.

Immigration Department started illegal census in villages of Fhattorkilla (Mambra) Township since 5thDecember leaving them villagers in extreme fear. They conducted suspicious check as they did in remaining villages of Maungdaw and Buthidaung Township and informed the locals to arrive once again on 14th December for further illogical investigation on the innocent locals.

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