• Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid

Massacre in Myanmar - Send Peace Troops Now

Press Release

26th August 2017


MAPIM calls for UN Security Council to deploy peace troops immediately to Myanmar to halt the massacre which is now executed by the military targeting civilian Rohingya.

Until press time a report of 25 Rohingya villages were attacked and arsonned and 500 civilians killed.

The brutal oppression by thousands of Myanmar troops in the Maungdaw district and vicinity villages will see unimaginable bloodshed.

This is worst than the 4 month military operation in October 2016 - March 2017.

Within just less than a day the number of casulties has been shocking. It is a show of military strenght to wipe out what is left of the Rohingya.

Peace troops has been proposed before to protect the Rohingya civilians. It is the only way to arrest the violent and high handed treatment by the Myanmar military against the defenseless Rohingya civilians.

We call on the Prime Minister of Malaysia and the President of Indonesia as the closest Muslim nation in Asean to apply political and diplomatic pressure on Myanmar to stop the on going massacre.

Indonesia has been in contact with Myanmar and seems to have a positive engagement with the government. The President should initiate immediately a call for cease fire and negotiation for peace.

Malaysia was a member of the UN Security Council. Its role has been significant. Malaysia should call for an emergency seating to urge an immediate response from the UN Security Council.

Malaysia should step in and initiate moves at the diplomatic level to stop the killings.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia should voice out again Malaysia's position and condemnation on the attrocities and brutal attack on women, children and the old.

We call him to reinvigorate the Asean Human Rights Declaration to urge for an emergency seating of the Asean Foreign Ministers and call for Myanmar to comply to the unanimously adopted November 2012 declaration to commit to the protection of human rights for all the people in the Asean member states.

We also call him to relook at the Resolutions of the OIC Extraordinary Meeting on Rohingya January 2017 in Kuala Lumpur.

The Final Communique stated the urge for Myanmar to abide by its obligation under the international law , international humanitarian law and human rights covenants.

OIC should take a more effective measure to ensure the current renewal of aggression against Rohingya by the Myanmar military must be halted.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid

President MAPIM



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