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Critical Situation of Rohingyas Update In Maung Daw, Myanmar

Rohingya civilians at large have come under heavy attacks of the Myanmar armed forces across Maungdaw, Rathedaung and Buthidaung Townships after the members of a Rohingya resiatance group raided dozens of the Boder Guard Police (BGP) Force and military bases this early morning, sources say.

Until now, at least 200 civilians are highly believed to have been killed by the Myanmar military and BGP across the three townships. Due to indiscriminate shootings and killings by the armed forces, many villages have been being entirely displaced in the region.

Torching and burning down of Rohingya homes by the state armed forces in collaborations with Rakhine extremists are quite rampant and widespread. In Rathedaung Township alone, 700 Rohingya homes in Chein Khali village, 200 shelters in the 'Chein Hali' IDP camps have been entirely burnt down by the joint forces of the military, the BGP and the Rakhine extremists since this morning 7am. The Zaydi Pyin village that had been totally blockaded by the state-backed Rakhine extremists for more than three weeks was partially burnt down but all the villagers were forced to leave their homes handing their properties over to the Rakhines.

"Our region is in total chaos now. They have burnt down our homes using fire-launchers, seized our properties and forced us to leave our homes. We have become totally displaced. We don't know where we will have to go now", said a displayed villager from Zaydi Pyin when contacted on phone.

Thousands of displaced Rohingyas in Rathedaung are now hiding in the nearby forests. Their lives are in maximum danger as the Myanmar armed forces can raid their hideouts and kill them at any time.

Other Rohingya villages have been under heavy military offensives are:

1) Kwan Thi Pin, 2) Mi Htaik Chaung Wa, 3) Nat Chaung, 4) Taman Thar, 5) Zee Pin Chaung, 6) Lon Doong, 7) Zin Paing Nya, 8) Ye Myet Taung, 9) Kyi Kan Pyin, 10) Tharay Kun Baung, 11) Pa Nyaung Pin Gyi, 12) Padin, 13) Alay Than Kyaw, 14) Thawan Chaung, 15) Thinbaw Kwe, 16) Udaung, 17) Myint Hlut, 18) Taung Bazaar, 19) Phaung Daw Pyin and many other villages have also come under attacks.

Over 50,000 civilians are reported to have already been displaced across the three townships on this single day alone.

The Rohingya resistance group, Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), claimed on twitter that it had to take defensive measures against the Myanmar military and security forces as the atrocities (by the military and security forces) against the Rohingya people have become intolerable.

During the clashes between the Myanmar armed forces and the resistance group, both sides are reported to have casualties.

Exact figures are unknown yet.



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