• Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid

Support the UN Resolution

Press Release

28th March 2017


We call on all the UN Member states to fully support the latest 34 th Session of the UNHRC resolution to deploy an international fact finding mission to Myanmar.

The Human Rights Council had adopted 13 resolutions, in which it decided to dispatch an independent, international fact-finding mission to establish the facts about alleged recent human rights violations by military and security forces and abuses in Myanmar, in particular in Rakhine State.

This is a significant and a land mark decision though it is still at the level of investigation with no guaranteed actions will be taken by the international community.

In a resolution on the situation of human rights in Myanmar, adopted without a vote, the Council extended the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar for a further period of one year. It also decided to dispatch urgently an independent international fact-finding mission to be appointed by the President of the Human Rights Council to establish the facts and circumstances of the alleged recent human rights violations .

It called upon the Government of Myanmar to continue efforts to eliminate statelessness and the systematic and institutionalized discrimination against members of ethnic, and religious minorities, including the root causes of discrimination, in particular relating to the Rohingya minority.

We regret that Myanmar has responded negatively on the resolution . The Myanmar government has been denying , ignoring and dismissing the strong evidences exposed by the Human Rights Watch and Queen Mary University UK.

The established commissions by the Myanmar authorities on military abuses leading to extrajudicial killings , arbitrary arrest, rape , arsoning of houses, burning of villages , has been questioned on its impartiality and credibility.

It is high time the Myanmar goverment gives full cooperation to the UNCHR fact finding mission which aims to investigate thoroughly the alledged violation of human rights and crimes against humanity.

We urge the state members of the UN to support the resolution.

They should not be any more delay to fully and independently investigate the attrocities in Myanmar especially against the Rohingya ethnic.

We support the resolution and demand that immediate action be taken to deploy the fact finding team. No stone should be unturned. The victims of crime against humanity in Myanmar has been the concern of many international agencies and it must be investigated.

The UN member states shoud be united in giving justice to the most presecuted ethnic in the world. Myanmar cannot be allowed to ignore the call for access for media and international humanitarian agencies to be allowed to enter the Rakhine state.

While the systematic and instituitionalised suppression against the Rohingya are being inflicted against the Rohingyas and other minorities like the Chins and the Kachins, the government has enacted repressive laws that has denied their basic rights. The continuation of the policies that has either exterminated the Rohingyas or forced them to evict from their land to neighboring countries cannot be allowed to continue unheeded.

The decision by the UNHRC must be strongly supported and all findings should be the basis for further actions to hold those responsible for the violence perpetrated against the the Rohingya civilians.

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