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Nautical Aliya Gets Permission To Dock In Chittagong - Azeez

ON BOARD NAUTICAL ALIYA, Feb 13 (Bernama) -- After being ordered to berth in the waters of Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh on Monday, the humanitarian aid mission vessel, Nautical Aliya continues to sail for Chittagong. Mission head Datuk Seri Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim said the Bangladeshi government had decided to allow Nautical Aliya to dock at Chittagong port. "I received a call from a Bangladeshi navy representative, Captain Mohammad Nizamul Haq who said Bangladesh had given permission for the vessel to dock. "Alhamdulilah, all the logistics in Chittagong and the unloading of goods and supplies for Rohingya refugees will be made much easier," he told a media conference. Abdul Azeez said the decision was made due to the cordial relations between Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his counterpart from Bangladesh. The vessel was expected to arrive at Chittagong at 1 am on Tuesday (Malaysian time ) depending on the weather condition. "When we arrive, we will plan the journey and activities for the volunteers," he added. Nautical Aliya, carrying more than 2,000 tonnes of foodstuff, medical supplies, daily necessities, clothes and blankets, arrived in waters of Cox's Bazaar at 12.05 noon (Malaysian time). Initially, Bangladeshi authorities did not allow the vessel to dock at Chittagong saying it was a busy port. Meanwhile, Abdul Azeez said they were waiting for the approval of visa on arrival (VOA) from the Bangladeshi government to allow the volunteers to go Rohingya refugee camps on land. "Phase two of the mission has began, we hope the Bangladeshi government will provide the visa on arrival for us to go down to help the Rohingyas," he said. Abdul Azeez said Bangladesh navy boats would be accompanying Nautical Aliya until it reaches Chittagong port. "We are thankful to the Bangladeshi government for their assistance to enable us get so far in this mission, " he said as the humanitarian aid mission entered its 11th day. Mohammad Nizamul also brought Abdul Azeez and Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organisation (Mapim) president Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid and several volunteers in a military boat to look at the areas near Cox's Bazaar. Nautical Aliya which left Port Klang on Feb 3, docked at Yangon port on Thursday, Feb 9 to unload aid for the Rohingyas before heading for Chittagong. The mission called Food Flotilla for Myanmar is organised by KPIM and Mapim with the participation of 182 volunteers from Malaysia and other countries. Two volunteers disembarked at Yangon to carry out humanitarian aid work.

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