• Mohd Azmi Abd Hamid

Flotilla - All Is Well and Smooth

5 hb February 2017

The Food Flotilla for Myanmar looks well and smooth since its departure on the February 3rd 2017 from Port Klang Malaysia.

With a speed of 7.2 knots, the Nautical Alya is sailing smoothly through the Straits of Malacca. The weather has been favorable , making the voyage up until this article was written , an easy and calm journey.

While on the ship the 195 delegates are occupied with daily roster activities ( cooking , cleaning, laundering, congregation prayers ), scheduled briefing, CPR training and roll calls.

Health status of the delegates are always given priority by a team of 29 doctors including specialist on board the ship. A sick bay equipped with emergency treatments and medical care have been set up.

With a constraint of internet connection, people on board are getting a hardtime to communicate. Priority is given to the 31 media personnels to despatch updates to their respected channels.

Close monitoring on informations from Myanmar and Bangledesh is updated to prepare for any changes on the original schedules of the Flotilla.

The Flotilla is on the alert of possible unforseen changes by the authorities of the countries that has officially given the green light to dock at the respective ports to disembark and unload the aid.

Negotiation is still underway to arrange the proper procedures to deliver the aid in a way that guarantees the goods will be received by the targeted victims.

In the meantime , while still in the Starits of Malacca , we have been receiving calls from Rohingya contacts from Arakan in the IDP Camps of Sittwe and Maungdaw. They have been voicing their utmost gratitude and thanking the initiative that they have never dreamed before.

At the camps, refugees are excited to receive the delegates and the flotilla has triggered a new hope for the Rohingya .

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