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MAPIM Reminds Myanmar , Voicing Against Genocide is Not Interference

Press Release 3 rd December 2016

MAPIM reminds Myanmar that the voicing against genocide on the Rohingya cannot be seen as interfering in internal matters of the country. What is happening in Myanmar is genocide and not a political skirmish between contesting groups.

Myanmar has told Malaysia not to interfere in the internal matters of Myanmar as a reaction to the many rallies and demonstrations and the 4 th December gathering in a show of solidarity with the Rohingya by the people of Malaysia.

The extermination and annihiliation of a minority group on the pretext that they are non citizens of Myanmar , cannot be accepted. Not only are the concerns of the Malaysian people related to the suppression of Rohingya Muslims but it is also about crime against humanity.

There is already a confirmed finding by the UN that evidence of genocide is real and raising concerns to what is happening in Myanmar , since the renewed wave of massacre in the district of Maungdaw , is legitimate and is in line with the Article 2 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment Against Genocide ( CPPCG ).

The people of Malaysia is suprised by the reaction of the Myanmar goverment that organizing a solidarity rallies for the Rohingya who are under intense oppression and ethnic cleansing is perceived as interfering in internal matters.

The spilling over of the victims of suppression in Myanmar to seek refuge in neighboring countries of the Asean member states is contributing to the potential building of instability in the region.

Malaysia is now becoming a receiving country of the Rohingya refugees since 1982. Calling the Myanmar goverment to take effective measures to stop the oppression and to halt the continued ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya is a legitimate call and since Myanmar is ignoring the call and the persecution is infact exerbated even more since 2012 and now October 2016, the Malaysian people has every right to voice their concern and to express their discontend and anger.

Thousands are now in Malaysia , Thailand and Bangladesh and we see Myanmar is fully responsible for the increase of refugees each time a wave of genocide is launch on the defenseless Rohingya.

We remind Myanmar that the people of Malaysia and other citizens within the region will not keep silent and allow the inhuman and brutal attrocities being perpetrated againgst the Rohingya women and children .

The Myanmar military and the government is clearly executing a full scale genocide on the Rohingya according to the Article 2 of the Convention on Prevention and Punishment Against Genocide . This legally binding document effective as of 12 January 1951 by the UN should be a basis for the world to act againt Myanmar.

This long perpectual act committed by Myanmar on the Rohingya with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group is evidence enough for all Asean state members and international agencies to raise its concern and to act with the necessary measures in aoccordance with international law.

We will render our full support to the Malaysian goverment to prevail upon Myanmar to move a motion to suspend or terminate Myanmar as a member of the Asean if the Myanmar goverment is ignoring the call to stop the killings .

We are also calling for the Malaysian government to reconsider the withdrawal or freezing of all investment in Myanmar and if the situation shows no improvement, to cut diplomatic ties with Myanmar.



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