• Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid

ASEAN + Ulama & NGOs Meeting to Stop The Myanmar Massacre

THE ACTION PLAN ASEAN + ULAMA DAN NGO MEETING TO STOP THE MYANMAR MASSACRE 1. Distribution of the Shah Alam Declaration Worldwide ( English and Arabic ) - all OIC Head of State members and OIC Special Envoy on Rohingya - UN Security Council members - UN Secretary General and UN Special Envoy on Rohingya - all Asean Head of State members - Chair of EU - main international Media

ACTION : MAPIM and SHURA 2. Food and Humanitarian Flotilla to Myanmar - Defining the objectives ( humanitarian and advocacy ) - Determing of vessel and route ( options from Penang or Aceh or Krabi or Phuket or India or Bangladesh) - Solicit support from UN and OIC and EU and Asean member state - Shipping of food, medical , basic needs - Participation : ngo activists, international media, celebrities , nobel peace prize winners, ulama, journalist ..ect - Funding - Voyage schedule - Public mobilization and public annoucement - Target dates and time line.

ACTION : MAPIM and other Ngos

3. Inter religious Dialogue and missions with Religous Leaders in Asean + - Issuing a collective declaration - Inter religous mission to advocate for peace to Myanmar - Sending message to Dalai Lama 4. Special letter to China , India and Bangladesh - Demand to pressure Myanmar to stop the genocide - Demand Bangladesh to protect the rights Rohingya refugees and access to humanitarian assistance - Send delegate to embassies 5. Memorandum to Asean Human Rights Commission - Demand Myanmar to comply to protection of the Human Rights of minorities - Send a delegate to Asean Secretariate in Jakarta - Call to suspend and boycot Myanmar iin Asean if genocide persist. 6. Solidarity call to all International Muslims and Ulama Associations to stop the Myanmar Massacre. - Call to the International Union of Ulama to urge all ulama world wide to stand up against Myanmar genocide. - Urge all Muslims to hold special prayers for Rohingya brothers and sisters. - Call to contribute to humanitarian assistance to Rohingya victims of oppression by Myanmar regime. - Call to defend the victims of injustice by the Myanmar regime on the Rohingya 7. International Boycott Campaign on Myanmar - To consider an international boycott against Myanmar if genocide persist within the next 7 days. - To look into ways of launching an effective boycot in trade , cultural, social , diplomatic and labor.

8. International Campaign to revoke Peace Prize from Aung San Su Kyi. - To send a letter to Aung San Su Kyi conveying a reminder message to her of her responsibilty as a Nobel Peace Prize Winner that she is beholden to carry the duty of protectiong human rights of the oppressed and minorities. - To write a petition to the Panel Board of the Nobel Peace Prize 9. Calling International Ulama for a Fatwa on the Myanmar Rohingya Massacre : - To write to the Chairman of International Ulama Union - To call on all imam of world masaajid to conduct a special prayer on the oppression on the Rohingya .

Action Plan Proposed by the Delegates: 1. Talk with China to put pressure on the Myanmar government as China is influential. Propose solution to PM Najib to