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ASEAN + Ulama & NGOs Meeting to Stop The Myanmar Massacre

THE ACTION PLAN ASEAN + ULAMA DAN NGO MEETING TO STOP THE MYANMAR MASSACRE 1. Distribution of the Shah Alam Declaration Worldwide ( English and Arabic ) - all OIC Head of State members and OIC Special Envoy on Rohingya - UN Security Council members - UN Secretary General and UN Special Envoy on Rohingya - all Asean Head of State members - Chair of EU - main international Media

ACTION : MAPIM and SHURA 2. Food and Humanitarian Flotilla to Myanmar - Defining the objectives ( humanitarian and advocacy ) - Determing of vessel and route ( options from Penang or Aceh or Krabi or Phuket or India or Bangladesh) - Solicit support from UN and OIC and EU and Asean member state - Shipping of food, medical , basic needs - Participation : ngo activists, international media, celebrities , nobel peace prize winners, ulama, journalist ..ect - Funding - Voyage schedule - Public mobilization and public annoucement - Target dates and time line.

ACTION : MAPIM and other Ngos

3. Inter religious Dialogue and missions with Religous Leaders in Asean + - Issuing a collective declaration - Inter religous mission to advocate for peace to Myanmar - Sending message to Dalai Lama 4. Special letter to China , India and Bangladesh - Demand to pressure Myanmar to stop the genocide - Demand Bangladesh to protect the rights Rohingya refugees and access to humanitarian assistance - Send delegate to embassies 5. Memorandum to Asean Human Rights Commission - Demand Myanmar to comply to protection of the Human Rights of minorities - Send a delegate to Asean Secretariate in Jakarta - Call to suspend and boycot Myanmar iin Asean if genocide persist. 6. Solidarity call to all International Muslims and Ulama Associations to stop the Myanmar Massacre. - Call to the International Union of Ulama to urge all ulama world wide to stand up against Myanmar genocide. - Urge all Muslims to hold special prayers for Rohingya brothers and sisters. - Call to contribute to humanitarian assistance to Rohingya victims of oppression by Myanmar regime. - Call to defend the victims of injustice by the Myanmar regime on the Rohingya 7. International Boycott Campaign on Myanmar - To consider an international boycott against Myanmar if genocide persist within the next 7 days. - To look into ways of launching an effective boycot in trade , cultural, social , diplomatic and labor.

8. International Campaign to revoke Peace Prize from Aung San Su Kyi. - To send a letter to Aung San Su Kyi conveying a reminder message to her of her responsibilty as a Nobel Peace Prize Winner that she is beholden to carry the duty of protectiong human rights of the oppressed and minorities. - To write a petition to the Panel Board of the Nobel Peace Prize 9. Calling International Ulama for a Fatwa on the Myanmar Rohingya Massacre : - To write to the Chairman of International Ulama Union - To call on all imam of world masaajid to conduct a special prayer on the oppression on the Rohingya .

Action Plan Proposed by the Delegates: 1. Talk with China to put pressure on the Myanmar government as China is influential. Propose solution to PM Najib to talk to China for negotiation.

2. UN is paralyzed with inaction, hence the neighbouring countries should put pressure on them to take actions through ASEAN channels. 3. Asian Rohingya Centers (think tank) published a declaration called the “Declaration of Selayang” which initiated the 2017 International Year of Solidarity for Rohingya. Its objective is also to revoke Aung San Suu Kyi’s Nobel Peace Prize award; a. Planning for a workshop & public hearing at town halls to hear & share the problems of the Rohingya in Malaysia b. Engage with the local Rohingyas to assist them through Whatsapp & Facebook & go global. 4. Hold dialogues between Buddhists & Muslims in Myanmar. 5. Stakeholders such as the British, Bangladesh & Myanmar Governments to hold an international conference. 6. Use OIC as a platform by sending letters to the Myanmar Government on the genocide 7. Freedom Flotilla for Rohingya 8. Investigation for the crimes against humanity in Arakan


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