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Military Destroys more Rohingya villages in Maungdaw and Rathedaung


More Rohingya Villages have been destroyed by Burmese military in Maungdaw and Rathedaung, according to reports from eye witnesses.

Some recent updates are as follows:

8/11/16 11 AM: The Burmese troops besieged Baggona East hamlet and conducting raids at it since 7:30 AM. They are plundering and destroying Rohingya properties. The troops rounded up all the women at one place and torturing them. Due to the tortures, one woman is reported to have died. Awaiting detail.

[MR Reports, MSRV]

8/11/16 11 AM: During raids at the Middle hamlet (Rassa Fara) of Baggona village tract yesterday, Burmese troops and Rakhine extremists completely plundered some homes.

[MR Reports, MSRV]

8/11/16 12 noon: The Burmese troops are demanding the Rohingya women they rounded up at Baggona since 7:30AM to make their men present before them (troops). Else, they will torture the women even more and completely burn down their homes.

[Rohingya Mirror Reports, MSRV]

8/11/16 12:30 PM: “The Burmese troops are launching wars on us as if they are fighting with a big nation. Now, started at Baggona village” said a Rohingya trapped in heavy Burmese military assaults.

[MMN Reports, MSRV]

8/11/16 11AM: 13 Rohingya civilians were arrested by the Burmese army during yesterday’s raids at KoeTanKauk IDP Camps in Rathedaung. Details will be published soon. The Burmese Army is using some Rakhine extremists against the Rohingya Civilians by providing them army uniforms.

“During the raid, they were able to recognize some troops in uniform are actually Rakhine civilians. If it’s happening here, it could happen all over” said a Rohingya IDP at KoeTanKauk.

[Min SK Reports, MSRV]