• Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid

Memorandum: Call For Immediate Action to Stop the Maungdaw Carnage




The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organization (MAPIM), several and the network of Asean NGOs as listed below condemn the current attrocities in the Maungdaw district of Rakhine, Myanmar.

The Myanmar authorities has without thorough investigation, targeted Rohingya community in Rakhine, for the unknown assailants on the attack on the border posts.

We are shocked by reports of rampant killings, rape, abductions, forced evictions, beatings, the burning of homes and communities and the general terrorising of the local Rohingya population which has

Unless urgent action is taken to stop these atrocities, there will be another wave of Rohingya exodus to neighbouring countries and the increase of people who lost their houses and therefore forced to find refuge in squalid IDP camps.

It has been a long systematic violation of human rights of the Rohingya population, by the Myanmar authorities, which has not been addressed by the international community.

The plight of the Rohingya has been recognised as the most persecuted ethnic, including the arsoning of villages, homes, mosque, the confiscation of properties, the denial for education and health services. The enforcement of the Citizenship Law in 1982 and thereby denying the citizenship of the Rohingya minorities since then, has been the key factor for the continuous repression on them.

This has worsened the plight of the Rohingya when those forced to flee to IDP camps where ristricted from free movements , denying them from access to education , food and medical needs and even to return back to their destroyed villages.

Currently, thousands of Rohingya have fled their homes and live in refugee camps and centres for internally displaced persons under abominable living conditions.

Unfortunately, the international community and the Asean members fail to respond effectively. The gross violations of international law, the United Nations Charter and the Asean Charter is glaring. By failing to act, they have been colluding with the perpetrators of these horrible crimes.

Now it is as though the fascist group in Myanmar is allowed, even encouraged, to freely massacre the defenseless Rohingya.

UN lack of response to the violence and the gross violation of human rights committed against the Rohingya by extremists in Myanmar is shocking. There has been no strong stand to condemn the killing of innocent women, children and men and the destruction of their homes and sources of livelihood.

We fully support the call for the United Nations Security Council to pass a resolution under Chapter 7 of the United Nations Charter urging the Myanmar Government to:

1. Take urgent steps to stop the violation against, and the persecution of, the Rohingya

2. Restore the citizenship status and rights of the Rohingya.

3. Take firm action against the fascist groups instigating and inciting hatred and violence against the Rohingya community.

4. Allow free and unfettered access for regional and international humanitarian agencies to provide relief and support to the victims of the violence and internally displaced people.

5. Facilitate the return of Rohingya refugees from the Asean region and other parts of the world, and resettle them and the internally displaced people.

6. Establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate and deal with the crimes committed against the Rohingya community and promote national reconciliation.

7. Pay adequate compensation to the victims of ethnic violence and their dependents.




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