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New Form of Violence Unfold against Rohingya

Maungdaw — A new form of violence has begun against Rohingya, with the continuous gun-firings by the Burmese Armed Forces on the Rohingya people in northern Maungdaw since 2:00AM today, the reliable sources report.

The exchange of gun-firings was first heard at ‘the BGP (the Border Guard Police) headquarter in Kyi Kan Pyin (Khawar Bil) nearby ‘Aung Zayar’ Rakhine (Magh) village and the attacks on the Rohingya have also been going on at ‘Ngakura (Nagpura)’ village.

According some (yet to be confirmed) reports, some bridges in northern Maungdaw have been destroyed and apparently three (seemingly) Rakhine rebels have been admitted to the hospital in Maungdaw early this morning.

How and why the gun-firing, exchange of firings reportedly with Rakhine militants and assault on the Rohingya villagers took place are yet to be confirmed.

It has also been learnt that some local Rohingya civilians have also started to resort to rebel the government atrocities in their possible means. Therefore, currently, the violence is giving a shape of three-way attacks.

“We are not allowed to go out of our homes at the moment. The situation is intense and we feel the government has conspired to trigger yet another violence against Rohingya. So, we request for the solidarity of our Rohingya in a situation like this,” said a worried elderly Rohingya in northern Maungdaw.

A similar incident has been reported in ‘Gu Taung Kauk’ village in Rathedaung Township.



1) “Reportedly, a Rakhine militant group — the Arakan Army (AA) or Arakan Liberation Army (ALA) – was behind the attack on the BGP Headquarter in ‘Kyi Kan Pyin village.’ But the Rakhine Politicians and other interested groups are putting the blame on the Rohingya civilians and the so-called Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO).

The world knows the RSO is no longer existent and the Rohingya people are neither educated nor trained enough to launch an attack on the BGP headquarter. It’s another plot to commit another massacre against the Rohingya people. It’s a part of Rakhine Action Plan to make the people of Maungdaw and Buthidaung Townships internally displaced like in Sittwe (Akyab), Pauktaw and Kyaukphyu,” said a Rohingya youth in Maungdaw.

2) DVB (the Democratic Voice of Burma) reports, during the raid on the BGP Headquarter, by the unknown rebels, “three BGP staffs were killed, one has gone missing and other two were injured, while around 100 guns have been missing too.

3) Furthermore, guns-firing have been heard in the Ywet Nyo Taung (Rohingya Daung) village in northern Maungdaw; and Thawan Chaung (Bossara) ‘Doun Seik’ and ‘Shil Kali’ village in southern Maungdaw in the Territory of Rathedaung Township.

4) A few Rohingyas have been arrested under the alleged links with the attack. They are likely to be portrayed as if they are real militants and were responsible for the attacks.

5) The military have arrested 7 Rohingya civilians as the porters to use in the counter-offensive against the rebels.

(Reported by different reliable sources all over Maungdaw)

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