Most newly arrived refugees in temporary settlements and spontaneous sites need immediate food assistance.  Majority of them are without food supply and dependent on humanitarian aid food distribution, particularly in spontaneously set up camps (spontaneous sites).


MAPIM distributes food supplies to refugee camps that does not receive humanitarian assistance either in the form of Food Items (FI) or Non-Food Items (NFI).


Locations such as Burmapara are difficult for any NGO to enter due to its location being far from the main road and ‘accessibility’ difficulty.










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dal beans (1.2 kg)




Gred B rice

(10 kg​)

cooking oil

(1 liter)



Why Does the Muslims Choose to give Charity (Sadaqah) As Preparation to Dies?

1. As Allah says, "O my Lord, would it be better for You to delay the coming of my death to a little 
    while longer, so that I may give waqf ..." (Surah al-Munafiqun: Verse 10)

2. Whereas he did not even say "so that I can perform umrah" or "so that I can pray" or "so that I can

3. One scholar said, "It is not for a person who has died to mention to give waqf except because of
     the greatness of the reward he has seen after his death."

4. So you should increase alms because indeed a believer will be under the shade of the reward of
    waqf on the Day of Resurrection.

5. Give alms for your relatives who have already passed away because they really hope to return to
    the world to give alms and do good deeds. 
So realize their hopes and train your children to get
    used to giving alms. 
Give alms. Indeed, Allah rewards those who give alms.

Uncovering the Book of Pilgrimage to the Realm of Barzakh (Al Imam Jalaluddin As-Suyuti)

What are the Miracles and Advantages of Waqf (Charity)?

1. The practice of almsgiving is one of the gates of heaven.

2. Almsgiving is the best of pious deeds and the best of almsgiving is feeding.

3. The reward of alms will protect its owner on the Day of Judgment and release him from the
     punishment of hell.

4. Waqf can extinguish the wrath of God and the heat of the grave.

5. Waqf is the best gift for the dead, the most beneficial for him in the grave and the one added
     by Allah will be sustenance (because of giving alms).

6. Waqf is a purification of property and the soul can double the goodness.

7. Waqf and Sadaqah is the source of the giver's joy and the source of his face glowing on the Day of

8. Waqf and Sadaqah is a protection from fear on the day of great chaos and the day when there is
    no sorrow for the loss of something from it (the Day of Judgment).

9. Waqf and Sadaqah is the source of forgiveness of sins and removal from evil.

10. As a bearer of glad tidings of a good ending and the source of angelic prayers for him.

11. The person who gives alms is the best org among human beings.

12. The reward of Waqf and Sadaqah is for all who share about the alms (not just for the giver)

13. The giver of Waqf and Sadaqah is promised much good and a great reward

14. People who like to spend is one of the characteristics of a pious person.

15. And Waqf and Sadaqah is the cause of the love of God's servants to the giver.

16. Waqf and Sadaqah is a sign of generosity and one of the signs of glory and generosity.

17. Giving Waqf and Sadaqah makes prayer amazing and solves all difficulties.

18. Charity repels the plagues and covers up 70 evils in the world.

19. Waqf and Sadaqah prolongs life, increases sustenance, becomes a source of sustenance and

20. Waqf and Sadaqah becomes medicine, a cure and a healer

21. Waqf and Sadaqah prevent fires, drownings due to floods and theft.

22. The reward of Waqf and Sadaqah is fixed (does not vary) even if given to livestock or birds.


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