Our Activist

The people who focus on the work for the ummah


(Dr) Ahmad Sani Araby Al-Kahery

Chief Executive Officer 

Our Chief Executive Officer, (Dr) Ahmad Sani Araby Al-Kahery actively fights for the fate of the oppressed Palestinians, Syrians and Rohingya.  


He is regularly invited to speak and share his ideas at various international and domestic conferences and roundtable discussions.   Correspondingly, he was invited to discuss humanitarian issues of Rohingya and Gaza at the 22nd Human Rights Council (United Nation) Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.


Having successfully established several strategic action plans for humanitarian projects, Dr. Ahmad Sani became the first Malaysian appointed as Honorary President of Youth For Syria (Y4S), a humanitarian organisation that works towards fighting causes for Syrian refugees.   He is on the Board of Trustees of Union of Syrian Humanitarian NGOs (ITIHAD) that oversees 200 Syrian humanitarian NGOs. 



Associate Major (Civil Defence) Zulhanis Zainol

General Secretary

Our Secretary General, Mejar Bersekutu (PA) Zulhanis Zainol came on board of MAPIM in 2012.  Since then, he has been active in humanitarian affairs, and fighting for the plight of the underprivileged Malaysians, as well as Gaza, Syrian, and Rohingya refugees.


Among his notable humanitarian missions include his direct involvement in ‘Food Flotilla for Myanmar’ in February 2017, to put forward a message to the world about the atrocities against the Rohingya ethnic group in Myanmar, sought to stop such acts of violence.  The mission comprising several ships with nearly 200 volunteers and NGOs from all over Malaysia, sent humanitarian aid of nearly 200 million tonnes of rice, medical supplies and basic necessities to Rohingya refugees. 


Associate Major (Civil Defence) Zulhanis is presently still active in helping Rohingya refugees in Malaysia and Myanmar.

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Captain (Civil Defence) Haji Faris Haji Hussein


Our Treasurer, Captain (Civil Defence) Haji Faris Haji Hussein actively works towards obtaining funds and sponsorships to assist MAPIM’s humanitarian projects in Gaza, Syria, as well as for the Rohingya refugees.  Captain (Civil Defence) Haji Faris focuses on humanitarian projects in Malaysia, particularly in helping underprivileged families needing assistance with children’s education and home repairs.

The Activist of MAPIM Malaysia

Sharifah Syakirah

Women and Refugee Rights Coordinator

Sharifah Shakirah is Founder and Director of Rohingya Women Development Network (RWDN), one of the first Rohingya women-led organisations.   RWDN was founded in 2016 to empower Rohingya women and earn a sustainable income to support their families, as well as to reduce gender inequality and build women’s leadership in the Rohingya community.  


RWDN actively provides delivers different streams of education around human rights such as child marriage, domestic violence and building confidence as women.  Training programmes for the Rohingya refugee women include English language, communication and leadership skills, on top of essential skills such as self-defence, sewing and craft skills to create products for sale.   It also runs Rohingya Women’s Theatre Group.


RWDN Rohingya refugee outreach programme involves door to door awareness campaigns to engage with the whole family, explain the aim of their work and encourage enrolment in their programmes.  At times, family intervention to reduce domestic violence and stop child marriage. Sharifah actively involves in UK and US in giving talks and seminars on raising awareness through advocacy for the Rohingya.

Heliza Helmi

Celebrity / Singer

One of our key activists fighting for humanitarian issues is Heliza Helmi, a well-known Malaysian celebrity / singer.  Her passion in fighting for humanitarian causes grew stronger after she went and saw for herself the real situation in Gaza, Palestine in 2012.  Since then, Heliza has been regularly speaking to the public on humanitarian issues. 


The celebrity / singer is now better known as an activist, fighting for causes relating to humanitarian issues.  As MAPIM activist, she frequently travels to Syria to fight for the fate of Syrian refugees.

Hazwani Helmi

Celebrity / Singer

Hazwani Helmi, a Malaysian singer, songwriter, model, and humanitarian activist, graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM). 

Hazwani actively carries out humanitarian activities alongside MAPIM Malaysia, both locally and abroad, particularly in Syria.

Dr. Izhar Ariff

Celebrity / Preacher

Dato’ Dr. Haji Mohd Izhar Ariff Mohd Kashim is a Lecturer of Fiqh Fatwa Semasa at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). He is active in da'wah activities at mosques and on the mass media and is often invited to speak on television.  He is active in humanitarian activities together with MAPIM Malaysia, particularly in helping the suburban community in need.  


Due to his vast knowledge, Dato’ Dr. Haji Mohd Izhar Ariff has been appointed as a Shariah Advisor at MAPIM to ensure that MAPIM's work is regularly monitored and audited for Shariah compliance.

Maulana Cik Wan Helmi Wan Ahmad


Maulana Cik Wan Helmi Wan Ahmad is a Mudir (Principal) of Madrasatul Mu'allim Yunus Al'arabiyyah, a renowned Tahfiz Madrasah in Jerantut, Pahang.  Better known as Maulana Wan Helmi, he is a personality in the field of dakwah in Malaysia.  He is also active in helping the people in need in Jerantut, as well as the indigenous community.  


Maulana Wan Helmi has a Degree in Syariah from Universiti Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah in Jakarta, Indonesia, and a Diploma in Syariah from Akademi Pengajian Islam dan Dakwah (APID) in Manjung, Perak.  He also received tertiary education at Jamiatul Uloom Al-Islamiyyah in Karachi, Pakistan for four years, as well as South Africa and Japan.


Maulana Wan Helmi has been appointed as a Shariah Advisor at MAPIM to provide guidance and advice, and to ensure that MAPIM's path adheres to the teachings of Islam.